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Udemy - Introduction to VR with Unity
Udemy - Introduction to VR with Unity
Udemy Introduction to VR with Unity

What youll learn
Create a 3D VR project targeting a device as simple as iOS/Android cardboard.
Create immersive VR experiences with panoramic videos.
Create interactive VR game plays with advanced Unity features, including Ray Casting and NAVigation (Path Finding).
Create interactive heads up 3D user interfaces.
Add support for Game Controllers and Cardboard Screen Touch button.
Take advantage of Ambisonic Audio files.
Use Unity Remote to test things in the Editor.
Bypass Unity XR SDKs and use the Gyroscope, to test things in the Editor with Unity Remote.
Take advantage of Unitys Events to trigger actions on interactive objects, including loading scenes.
Use Unitys Animator State Machine along with Collider Triggers, to trigger animations when passing by.

Unity 2017.3 or later.
If targeting iPhone : an Apple iOS Developer account, a Mac computer and Xcode.
If targeting Android : Android SDK (free).
As an option, if targeting iPhone : an MFI (Made For iPhone) bluetooth Game Controller.
As an option, if targeting Android : an Android bluetooth Game Controller.
If targeting Windows/Mac : a supported VR device (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens).

This course aims at helping anyone willing to learn Unity to create VR experiences.

No previous programming experience is required, and most of the principles covered in the course will help future programmers wrap their head around programming basics.

It features a self learning approach. Every topic comes in on a need to know basis.

Most of the course examples can be done with the simplest hardware.

Wether you want to experiment with a simple Android or iPhone cardboard, add a remote game controller, or go for pro hardware, the principles, techniques and code youll take away from this course will help you deliver a full VR experience, fast!

Who is the target audience?
VR enthusiasts willing to learn Unity
Unity developers willing to learn VR features
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